Find-bride dating website

There are so many dating websites in the Internet. That’s why, it may become a real difficulty to find your love online. However, I copped with this challenge and I think it became possible only due to the chosen website. It was my first site where I signed up with a serious intention to find my love and everything worked perfectly.

I think that I spent more time on the site search than on the search of my beloved lady. I read lots of articles, reviews, comments and even videos on the topic. I tried to find a reliable platform with only real registered members on the dating platforms. Find-bride offered such a possibility to find a real person with serious intentions to find a partner.

After my registration, it passed nearly a month and I found Natasha. She was my lady, I understood it when I watched her intro video clip. She was so tender and shy that I fell in love with her video) So, I contacted her. I wrote a long romantic letter, where I mentioned everything important for me and waited for an answer. I got her letter rather quick. Nata replied me and we started our chatting story, every day I entered the site just to write her something. I woke up with the feeling that somewhere in the other country a pretty girl is waiting for my letter. I was so overwhelmed with feelings, I wanted to message her every minute, but I tried to control my desires and be a little be more reserved.

The next stage is usual, as in most of other couples. We had several dates and decided to be together. Then was a short period of distance relations. After a real date, it became so hard to wait for another real meeting. She wanted to meet me so badly, but it wasn’t possible at the time. Our distance relations was for almost a year. I sometimes flew to Ukraine, but it wasn’t very often. I met her parents and friends. We had a romantic trip and I returned without her.

I felt so lonely after work in my apartment, but I knew that she felt the same and was also waiting for me.

In conclusion, I would like to say that we got marriage and now we are less romantic but more practical. Now we quarrel about some everyday troubles, but not about the distance between us. We are planning to have kids, cause both of us want a big family.

That is almost all that I wanted to share about my personal love story. Maybe it is not enough, because I didn’t share little details about us. Nevertheless, I hope that this info will motivate lonely people to start acting and changing their lives. Everything is possible. Just one registration on a dating platform can change your life! I am a vivid example of this fact.