Endless love and only real emotions

I believe in all this real emotions and a possibility to meet your love spontaneously without any planning. Nevertheless, when you cannot meet your love for rather long time period you should better initiate something.

When starting from my personal story on the dating website, I would like to mention that I had never used any dating resources before. First of all, because I didn’t accept them seriously and also because I never thought at it is such a huge industry with a variability of websites. I had changed my attitude towards all the resources after my friend’s wedding. He met his wife online.

Among all the resources, I chose find-bride-comments.org. The reason for this is evident I wanted to contact Slavic women, I heard a lot about their personalities. Also, the pricing policy was comparatively low.

So, I began my story of online chatting, all the women whom I contacted were really friendly and kind hearted. I enjoyed every minute of online communications and sharing something with pretty girls. In return I got so much info about Ukrainian and Russian girls, their sincerity helped with my understanding of their culture and general women’s psychology.

Month after month and I couldn’t choose one girl, all of them were gorgeous. With time, some of my virtual friends started asking me about our real date. So, I thought a little bit and made up my mind to fly to Ukraine and meet four of them. And it was the best idea ever. When I met the first girl, she didn’t like me, the next meeting - I was not excited with the woman and only on the third date with Olia I felt something. She was my type of a lady, such a tender and elegant pretty woman with long blond hair and deep eyes. I canceled the last date with Inga, I hope she was not disappointed of such choice. I was frank with every woman and I didn’t promise them anything except of a real meeting.

We spent several days together, but I should return home. We continued our communication, but it was totally another level of relations. We chatted like a loving couple and discussed our plans together. We had a romantic trip to Italy and then I met her parents and she also introduced me to her close friends.

Speaking about our situation at the moment, I should say that we are dealing with some visa’s problems and Olia should also finish all her business in Ukraine. So, everything is still in the process of solving, though it will be not for a long period. I think that in a month we will live together at my place and experience other life moments.

Looking back on my experience on find-bride-comments, I can say that our love story occurred only due to this dating platform. It is so easy to contact the prettiest woman in the world, just by one click. You don’t need to waste lots of time and efforts, online communication is the most comfortable way to meet somebody. So, if you are still reading this and hesitation about virtual dating, I can assure you that you will gain more than spend. It is a fact! Good luck, you all who are looking for meaningful relations you have enormous opportunities.