Something about our online acquaintance.

Our love story would be rather standard one: we met each other online, had several dates and got married. Nothing seemed strange or unusual for us, despite the fact that a huge distance was between us. Ira was a Russian girl who searched for serious relations online and I was a guy, who registered on a website found his love and only then understood that the distance between us was huge.

The first trouble that we faced was the date choice. Ira had a job with rather unstable schedule that’s why, we couldn’t meet at weekends. Month after month and my desire to meet her was huge. I desperately wanted to hug this beauty and to kiss her, but I couldn’t. So, I decided to take my vacation and to make a surprise for Ira.

I organized my surprise arrival with the site’s administration assistance and everything went just okay. I sent her romantic message that I was in Ukraine and would be there for five days, so we could meet whenever she would find a spear minute. Ira was shocked with my message, because she didn’t reply it for rather long period. However, then she wrote that she could got out tonight after 8 or a little bit later.

During our first date, she tried to assure me that she didn’t want to make any kind of inconvenience to me and she was so delighted with my decisiveness. We had a romantic dinner in a traditional Ukrainian restaurant with all these tasty dishes that she wrote me about.

After this weekend, I thought only about Irina. I planned our relations, thought about her reactions and replayed. When I flew to Ukraine, I had a strong desire to see her, but after that I thought only about my personal responsibility. Because this charming beauty should leave everything and move to my place or vice versa. Of course, I had feeling and I didn’t question that, but how about all these everyday questions. What if we couldn’t live together because of huge list of things.

At that point, Ira became an engine in our relations. She calmed me and described several good variants for our situations and I agreed with her.

Now I know that only mutual support helped our relations. When I am almost depressed Ira tries to solve everything and on the contrary. I am so thankful for my online experience right now. This tender beauty has changed my life forever.