Online dating can help and my story is a vivid example

I got married a month ago, and I want to share our love story with everybody. Maybe it is not so emotional and unpredictable but it was such for me. I waited for this moment and I’ve got what I expected and searched for.

For rather long time period I was trying to find my love in my hometown, but all in vain. A couple of short relations and nothing serious. Of course, during long period of thought that I was not ready for meaningful relations and for marriage. Year after year and I didn’t experience real feelings and emotions, though everything seemed ok. When almost all my close friends got married, I started bothering. Moreover, all these constant questions: when would you have a wedding? It almost drove me crazy. And I thought maybe I had some relationship troubles. The craziest thing, which I did: I asked my ex-girlfriends about our break ups and their explanations. My friends found out about this and gave my lots of recommendations, how to change everything and there were lots of advices.

So, I decided to sign up on a dating website. I had no strong believes in the possibility of such kind of acquaintance, but I tried. First couple of weeks, I was just reviewing women’s profiles and trying to find users with similar interests and goals. Such variant didn’t work for me, I just wasted much time unsuccessfully. During these searching weeks, I had several chats with women who wrote me. These were standard conversations with no evident intentions.

I clearly remember a day when I contacted Masha. I was drinking coffee and opened a website on my laptop, she was a new member and I hadn’t seen her profile before. I liked her photos and received such a cool reply to my message. It was so unusual and funny in comparison to what I received from the women prior this, I could not repeat it word for word, but she impressed me. She was so talkative and friendly in every message I got.

Unfortunately, there was so huge time difference between our countries and it was always a cool opportunity to chat for a longer period of time. We discussed a possibility to communicate beforehand. At one point, I understood that online communication may be just a waste of time and I planned a flight to Ukraine. I didn’t tell Masha, just sent her a photo of my ticket one day. She was shocked, at least it seemed to me that she was.

Our date was nice, I couldn’t say that I immediately fell in love, but I liked her it was for sure. We’d been together for 4 days and on the 4th day I didn’t want to leave this woman any more. She became such a close person for me during this short period of our real dating. So, I returned home and felt so uncomfortable in this lonely house. I wanted that Masha was with me. I understood that I felt in love with this girl only when I returned home.

I don’t want to mention here all the other details, but as you know we are happily married couple. We have lots of plans for the future and I hope everything will be as perfect as it is.