Our unpredictable meeting, which changed our lives

All this story began when I registered my account on find-bride-comments.org. This website offered an opportunity to find long-term relations for every user. What a nonsense! – I thought at that time, but still decided to try.

I chatted with some users, updated my profile and added new photos. Whole process was rather captivating for me. New acquaintances, emotions and experiences on the dating website. Everything was new for me, because I had never used such resources before. Frankly speaking, I didn’t believe in their effectiveness.

I found a cool profile of the woman that totally corresponds all my criteria of girlfriend and sent her a standard message. She didn’t answer my letter for three days, and then a shocking news bothered me. She wrote that in a week, her sister would have a wedding and she didn’t have a boyfriend. So, she was begging me to help her. I wasn’t expecting such a proposal and didn’t know how to reply correctly. I liked her photos, she was a gorgeous woman, her profile looked almost like mine, but how can I fly to Ukraine without even knowing her. If she wasn’t such a beauty, I would totally refuse but…

At the end of the day, I agreed but I thought that maybe something would change. Maybe it was just a joke and she would tell me about this in a day. Nevertheless, we started discussing our looks, my flight and much more. I was bewildered, but expecting this real date with Masha.

The worst thing that came to my mind was that I would help her and then she would never answer my phone calls. I thought of this like of a useless thing, personally for me. I wouldn’t get anything in return except of one evening together. But who never tries, never gets anything.

I flew to Ukraine, she met me, told everything I needed to know about her family members and we drove to the restaurant. Mariia was a charming girl in a gorgeous purple dress. She was so friendly and talkative all the time. So, we were like a couple on her sister’s wedding. Everything went smoothly and I was rather delighted that I agreed. The next few days we spent together, talking and discussing our unforgettable experience. After several wonderful days I flew back home and we continued our communication.

Now we are planning one more date, but as a real couple, not a faked one. I still don’t believe that everything which happened with me is real. I think that her sister’s wedding was just my dream. Nevertheless, it was real and we are planning our date and maybe even our life together. She is the best person I have ever met in my life and it is absolutely true.

So, wish me luck with all my plans and desires I hope we can be together. And this became possible only due to my personal choice.

To conclude, I want to recommend all the users who don’t believe in online dating and acquaintances. I was like you, but only one message had changed my life. And you can experience the same emotions, just try it. You may use find-bride-comments or any other resource, it is up to you; but don’t lose you love and happiness.